21st FERCAP International Online CONFERENCE

December 9-11, 2021

Hosted by the Faculty of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing

Universitas Gadjah Mada

Theme: Ethical Lessons Learned During Epidemic Outbreaks

Conference Announcement and Call for Abstracts

Conference Schedule

December 9-10 2021 Thursday – FridayConference Proper
December 11, 2021  SaturdayFERCAP Recognition Program 

It has been two years since the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic that affected all regions of the world.  While not a single country was prepared to meet the challenges of the global pandemic, each country has adopted its own contingency measures to protect its population from the ravaging effects of the pandemic.  There was a race among medical scientists to develop effective drugs and vaccines to contain contagion and public health measures were adopted to prevent its spread.  The pandemic also wreaked havoc on the global economy with hundreds of thousands of the population losing their jobs and inevitably causing an economic recession.  It created a global public emergency that required coordinated global surveillance and monitoring systems as individual countries shared their experiences and best practices with each other.  

The FERCAP conference will seek to describe the ethical lessons learned from the best practices derived from the health systems initiatives to address the COVID 19 pandemic, the ethical approaches used to implement scientific and medical innovative interventions, the public health measures that were enforced, and the community engagement experiences that empowered the target populations.

Call for Abstract Submission

Presentation abstracts (approximately 300 – 500 words) may be submitted to cristina.torres@yahoo.com; atoynavarro@yahoo.com  and/or triwibawa@ugm.ac.id; madarinajulia@ugm.ac.id on or before October 31, 2021 on any of the suggested topics below:

  • International/ national policies, regulations, guidelines and practices related to ethical issues during an epidemic outbreak or a public health emergency 
  • Ethical controversies related to COVID 19 treatment and prevention
  • Addressing ethical challenges in research during an epidemic
    • Genetic analysis of the virus/ laboratory research
    • Stages of investigational drug development
    • Diagnostic tool development
    • Vaccine development
    • Use of blood, plasma and other biologic to treat Covid-19
    • Traditional/ complementary medicine
    • Ethical issues in the conduct of clinical trials during a pandemic
    • Public health research during a public health emergency
    • Socio-behavioral research during an epidemic outbreak
    • Community engagement 
  • Ethical issues in clinical care
  • International collaboration during a pandemic
  • Communication and health promotion during an epidemic outbreak
  • Scientific integrity in publication
  • Ethics in surveillance and data analytics
  • Best practices of research ethics committees during an epidemic
    • Ethical issues in reviewing investigational new product applications for Covid19
    • Reviewing multi-country clinical trials during epidemic outbreaks
    • Data privacy issues during a public health emergency.
    • Data and benefit sharing during Covid-19 pandemic
    • Addressing conflicts of interest
    • Use of online platforms for ethics review
    • Improving quality of ethics review of protocols
    • Reviewing various types of informed consent (individual vs. administrative consent,  broad consent, electronic informed consent, etc.)

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